At the first research university of the 21st century, we have an exciting and innovative major. In their senior year, all students complete a senior project. Students also have the option of participating in an internship. In the interdisciplinary environment of UC Merced, history faculty and students interact with those in world heritage, literature, anthropology, geography, the arts and many other programs.

The history program at UC Merced offers a wide variety of interesting courses each semester.

Below is a list of our Fall 2019 undergraduate course offerings. For more information on instructors and meeting times and places, please click on the link here and then click on "courses" on the left hand column, and choose which semester and which courses you would like to view.

History 51         History of Things

History 55A       Arts of Asia

History 70         Middle East To 1500

History 100       The Historian's Craft

History 108       Urban East Asia

History 115       Topics in African History

History 123       US Comparative Race and Ethnicity

History 124BR  African American Hisotry 1877-Present: Research

History 137       Gender, Race, and Slavery in America

History 142       Latin American Revolutions

Hisotry 144       Ancient Africa

History 159       History of Iran

History 179       Britain 1500-1750: Island Kingdom to Global Empire