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Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-Listed Courses: History & Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

  HIST/CRES 027: Local Harvest, Global Industry: History of the Production and Consumption of Food

  HIST/CRES 043: African Civilization

  HIST/CRES 052: Power in Film

  HIST/CRES 123: Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the United States

  HIST/CRES 124BR: African American History 1877 to Present: Research

  HIST/CRES 141: The African Diaspora in Latin America

  HIST/CRES 144: Ancient Africa: Crossroads of the World

  HIST/CRES 145: Black Consciousness and African Freedom

  HIST/CRES 152: Twentieth Century Latin American Revolutions

  HIST/CRES 159: History of Iran

  HIST/CRES 160: History of Women and Gender in the Middle East