UC Merced history majors have access to what is quickly becoming a world-class library collection.
The Center for the Humanities sponsors lectures, conferences and other activities of interest to history majors and history graduate students.
The student-run club builds community among history majors and minors as well as anyone who enjoys the subject of history.


Welcome to history at UC Merced. At the first research university of the 21st century, we have an exciting and innovative major. In their senior year, all students complete a senior project. Students also have the option of participating in an internship. In the interdisciplinary environment of UC Merced, history faculty and students interact with those in world heritage, literature, anthropology, geography, the arts and many other programs.

The history faculty are part of the Interdisciplinary Humanities graduate group. Faculty areas of expertise include political and diplomatic history, social and cultural history, intellectual history and digital history. Please contact any of the history faculty or the SSHA student advisor for more information.

You can find our History Program Learning Outcomes here.

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What is History?

"History is a set of evolving rules and tools that allows us to interpret the past with clarity and rigor. It requires evidence, sophisticated use of information, and a deliberative stance to explain change and continuity over time. As a profoundly public pursuit, it is essential to active and empathetic citizenship and requires effective communication to make the past accessible for multiple audiences. It is a craft with a set of professional ethics and standards that demand peer review, citation, and toleration for the provisional nature of knowledge."-From the American Historical Association Tuning Project